The Slimm

Guest Post (2)Live like a Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine.

So maybe life isn’t an epic battle; but I do believe that sometimes we have to fight for what we want.  Achieving personal and professional goals takes a mindset of a champion.  Focus is key.

Right now you’re envisioning lots of sweat and the use of frozen sides of beef for sparring purposes.  I assure you, the path to purposeful living is not an agonizing scene from Rocky.  However, it does require us to cut out some fat from our daily routines.

Recently, I spent an afternoon with a group of dynamic women.  We were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion in which we shared our views on maintaining balance in our busy lives while pursuing our own ambitions.  A lawyer, a yoga instructor, an accountant, a school administrator, several creatives and a couple of stay-at-home moms allowed for very distinct perspectives.  Despite our differences, we shared a common resolve to eliminate distractions and make time for our own pursuits.  And what we found is that “Me Time” doesn’t come easy.

This topic will be a regular feature on my blog.  I will post tips from a host of contributors to streamline our daily routines.  The objective is twofold:  To cut the fat and replace it with a healthy diet of deliciously satisfying Me-centered moments.

We’ll call it The Slimm.

Here’s the first tip, Ladies…Read The Skimm.  According to co-founder, Danielle Weisberg, this daily newsletter allows us to “walk into any meeting, any interview, any social or professional event, no matter if you’re meeting with someone who works in finance or education or politics, and be able to converse with them, to be able to be well rounded.”

I know, our fondest memories before the birth of our children are of lazy Sunday afternoons spent, post-sex, reading The New York Times while eating the cold remains of last night’s pad thai.  But let’s face it, getting our news the old-fashioned way is a huge time-suck.  Take five minutes each morning to read The Skimm and be done.

Now you’ve given yourself an extra half hour a day that you can apply to something you really want to do.*  It’s like you’ve just completed a 7-day Cleanse and found that you can fit into your skinny jeans!  And I must say, the effect is quite slimming on you!

Stay tuned for the November post of The Slimm for a discussion on the art of multitasking, or as I call it, Eat, Pray, and the NBA.

*Simple math for added happiness:  Time saved must be applied to your personal goals, not housework, bills, or carpools.  Catnaps occasionally allowed.

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