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To kick off my first Follow Me Friday, I am giving away a Vintage Nest gift certificate to one lucky winner!  Simply “Follow” my blog to be entered into a drawing held on November 6, 2015.  Contest details can be found in the Events & Media section of this website.

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This week’s post of Very Inspiring People features Mindy Schloss, owner of Vintage Nest, my favorite local boutique.  Mindy has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and pursue a career driven by my creative aspirations as she has done with her cozy store in The Glen that won the Make It Better “Best of 2013” award for best Home Furnishings/Home Accessories on the North Shore.

Since Vintage Nest is my one-stop shop for hostess gifts, holiday decor, wedding gifts, repurposed treasures, hand-crafted jewelry, and a collection of the comfiest, travel-friendly clothes I have ever found, I was interested to find out how it all came about.

I caught up with Mindy on the 4 year anniversary of Vintage Nest to get the scoop on living The Vintage Life:

Me:  Was there a defining moment when you decided to turn your hobby into a business?  Min:  There were actually a few things that occurred in a short period of time that made me take the plunge.  My kids becoming less reliant on me to be home all day and the recurring storage fees I was paying every month to store my finds.

Me:  When did you develop your interest in antiques and vintage treasures?  Min:  In my late 30’s my girlfriend’s and I started going to antique markets and I instantly fell love with hunting for treasures at flea markets.

Me:  Is VN the business you thought it would be?  Min:  Has it taken an unexpected turn?For the most part it is what I envisioned.  However, our product mix has changed.  We are carrying more gift items and more clothing than we did when we opened.  This is in response to customer request.

Me:  Has family life changed, been enhanced, made more difficult.  Is your family supportive?  Min:  My family is supportive and as my kids have gotten older it has made it easier for me to spend more time at the shop and hunting for goods.

Me:  What is your favorite time of year for VN?  Min:  Fall!  I love decorating with our neutral color palette and adding pops of orange.

Me:  What is the hardest part of running an independently-owned business?  Min:  You are the decision maker for everything! From employees, purchasing, merchandising, pricing, etc.

Me:  What are the biggest challenges of your day?  Min:  Getting through all the paperwork when all you want to do is help customers and merchandise the shop.

Me:  What tips would you give someone who is considering opening their own business?  Min:  Be aware of the time commitment and realistic about the paperwork that is attached to owning your own business.

Me:  Describe your best kind of day.  Min:  When a customer comes into the shop and tells me she loves the environment and the ambience of the shop.

Me:  What are your favorite flea markets and shows?  Min:  Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, Nashville Flea Market and City Farmhouse in Nashville.

Me:  Any TV show addictions?  Movies/travel/food that have influenced you?  Min:  Bravo! I can’t get enough of Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out and of course Fixer Upper on HGTV.  I am also secretly in love with the south and the way they decorate and dress in Savannah and Austin.

Me:  How do you describe your personal style?  Is it reflected in your merchandise?  Min:  I buy what I like.  What you see in the shop is pretty much my style.

Me:  Your favorite stores?  Store influences?  Min:  Embellished House in Scottsdale, ABC Carpet & Home in NYC.

Me:  Have you fulfilled your professional goals?  Min:  Not yet!  I still have some ideas I would like to fulfill professionally with the shop.  I have so many ideas on ways to grow the business that I would like to see happen in the next couple of years.

Thanks, Mindy!

Visit Vintage Nest at 1891 Tower Drive in Glenview or shop online at

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