It’s Baaaack! Follow Me Friday is Feb. 5

You’re still following me?  Kinda creepy…but cool, too.

Someone I know recently came up to me and whispered, “I’ve been following you.”  I didn’t know what she meant until she explained that she found my website and had been reading my posts.

“I feel like a voyeur,” she admitted.  “Some of what you write is so intimate.”

Yeah, I get that.  Blogging is an act of bravery for me.  My website was founded on a self-dare.  If you’re going to do it, I told myself, it has to be real.  It has to reflect my unique perspective on things.  It has to speak to what matters to me and what makes me tick.  It’s a fine line that I walk, peeling back the layers of myself without exposing those around me.  Is it a coincidence that my husband is on his best behavior lately?

Joking aside, I am keenly aware that once you put something out there, it can’t be taken back.  I’m not Lois Lane looking for her next scoop.  I’m just a writer using my blog as a compass to navigate people to the heart of things.

With this in mind, I am excited to raffle off a $20 gift certificate to The Rock House.

This local hangout is a perfect blend of my favorite things set to the soundtrack of the nitty-gritty history of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  It’s a place where my daughter takes guitar lessons and families go for karaoke on Friday nights.  It’s a custom-roast coffee house and a legit live music venue with a grilled cheese sandwich that makes a grown woman cry out in ecstasy.  Yes, The Rock House is that good.

Go check out The Rock House in downtown Glenview and Wilmette.  More info at

rock house coffee

And stay tuned for a VIP interview with co-owner Chris Karabas.

You will be eligible for the February Follow Me Friday Giveaway by simply clicking the “Follow My Blog” button on the right side of my homepage by February 4, 2016.

If you already follow my blog, you will automatically be entered into the drawing each month.

I will notify the winner of the gift certificate by email.

(Don’t worry if you’re an out-of-towner–I will be happy to send you a package of Rock House coffee if you can’t make the trip.)

Increase your odds of winning!  Leave a comment on my website, share a link to my website or blog post with your Facebook community, or refer a friend to follow, to receive up to 3 additional entries for the monthly raffle.  If you refer a follower, please include me in the bcc, tag me, or send me a pm so you get credit.

Thank You and Good luck!



3 replies

  1. Stephanie, How in the hell are you? Long time no see. I’ve made a new, great, friend in our Glenview location. She also has the gift of storytelling. She’s a writer and music lover… and likes coffee.

    I just thought it’d be good if you knew each other. Put Kerwin on your mail list for upcoming shows you’re doing. Kerwin, like us, has found it a challenge to find a creative group of people in the burbs.

    Maybe we can all meet sometime for fun?

    Be well. Chris


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