About This Website

20130820_074337As I begin this website, I am reminded of first days of school, first days of summer camp, and first days of new employment.  First days are filled with worry and wanting to impress.  Breakfast is always skipped.

In this photo of my daughter, I can see that she’s gritting her teeth and that her eyes are puffy from tears shed on the walk over to her new school.

But at least she’s smiling…And that’s a good start.

I coaxed that smile from her using one of my world-famous mom techniques that I relied on when my kids were toddlers and I needed a surefire way to prevent a meltdown in a long line at a grocery store.

My go-to move is this:  I start by narrowing my eyes like I am thinking about something really hard.  Then I frown while I check my purse and the area around me for something I’ve lost.  “Hmm…” I say to no one in particular.  “That’s strange, it was here a moment ago.”  By the time I frantically start searching my coat pockets, my shirt pockets, my pants pockets, the kids’ whining has stopped.  The candy bars are put back on the shelf.

“What is it, Mommy?  What are you looking for?”

“A smile,” I say, as plainly as if I was talking about a tissue or a breath mint.  “I know it’s in here somewhere.  Help me look.”

And so we go in search of a smile.  “Got it!”  I hold out my fist and slowly open it.

The kids lean in, looking in disbelief.  Looking up at me, wanting to believe.

“Take it, hurry!  Before we lose it again!”  They’re smiling now, playing along with their mother who is crazy.

“Put it in your pocket and save it for someone who needs it.”


Herein will be a mix of the odd and the spontaneous and the inspiring.

Drink your coffee, read my blogs, and set out with a smile in your pocket.

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