My Writing Projects

Page Under Construction:  Read at your own confusion!

In addition to The Brown Baggers, I have several other writing projects in the works:

Spin Cycle – Young Adult Fiction.  A coming of age story about a Midwestern teen torn between her parents and a high school drop out who works at her family’s laundromat.  In a small town where white cheerleaders don’t mix with migrant Mexicans, the young lovers engage in a forbidden romance in the backroom of the laundromat until an early morning robbery turns deadly.  Pregnant, alone, and on the run, the teen finds safe harbor in a sleepy fishing village in Mexico where she discovers the rich history of her boyfriend’s family and learns to appreciate her own.

MOJO – Adult Contemporary Fiction for hardcore fans of the NBA and Liam Neeson action movies.  MOJO is a full court thriller with a buzzer-beater finish that explores the underbelly of the sport.  It’s future HOFer, Moshe Johnson’s triumphant return to professional hoops during the inaugural season of the Global Basketball Association where Russian mobsters rule the league and player shortcomings must be dealt with in a clandestine death match.

The Hairdressers’ Daughters – Adult Contemporary Fiction about family secrets and assisted suicide.  All the ladies in this factory town whisper the address for the Pink Parlor.  Dixie and her sister are the go-to gals for dye jobs and die jobs.  They help with wigs, makeup, and mastectomy bras, and when you’re in the final stage, they help you go gently into that goodnight.  That’s what girlfriends do.  It’s a noble cause until the family is torn apart when Dixie’s daughters use the same means to take justice into their own hands after a patron of the Pink Parlor confesses a heinous crime.

The Pig Farmer – Adult Historical Fiction.  In 1943, 250 Nazi POWs were brought to Fort Dagger and employed in the slaughter houses in rural northern Illinois.  Three prisoners escaped.  Two were caught.  One disappeared into the night and was hidden in a root cellar by a naïve farm girl who knew little about Hitler and the atrocities taking place on the other side of the world.  After the war, he emerges from his underground hideaway and assimilates into a small town, maintaining a simple life as a loving husband and prosperous pig farmer.  His true identity is called into question late in life when he develops dementia and his estranged son and his son’s new wife, who is a Jew, move back to the family farm to care for him.

Townies: Stories That Are Good Enough – Collection of short stories that are pretty’near true including Sweet Adeline’s, Karaoke Night at the Corner Tap, The Name’s Bone, The Quarry, Heartache Tonight, The Missing, Tony and Maria, The Grandfather Clock, and Good Enough.

The Kirschbaum Haggadah, 2nd Edition.

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